WBM? Section II: Narrowing Your Interests

image dragonfly Which biology major is right for you? You are best qualified to make this decision, but there are many sources of information and advice available on this campus to help you.

The following outline suggests one route to finding the information you need for making an informed decision and choosing an undergraduate major.

  1. A useful starting point can be an evaluation of your interests, values, and skills. What can you do well that you also find enjoyable and satisfying? Some tools and resources to help you with this self-evaluation process include:
    • Visit the Exploration Resource Center in the Cross-College Advising Service (6 Ingraham Hall). The Center has two computerized career guidance programs: Discover and Career Visions, and a collection of printed material with information about majors, careers and hiring trends.
  2. Look through the descriptions of the undergraduate biology majors in Section V.
  3. Read more about the majors that interest you in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  4. Contact the Biological Sciences Advisor for answers to some of your questions and additional information on the majors that interest you.
  5. Contact the appropriate departmental office for the major(s) you are interested in. The department may have additional information available in the form of brochures, flyers, or handbooks. (The campus address and telephone number for the departmental office is provided for each major in Section V.)
  6. Talk to an advisor for the major(s) you are interested in.
  7. Talk to upperclassmen currently in the majors you are interested in.
  8. Learn more about career opportunities by:
    • Visiting the Career Collection at College Library (Helen C. White Hall).
    • Consulting an advisor or counselor at a career advising and placement office. (See Section VII for a complete listing of career advising and placement offices.)

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