WBM? Section VII: Where to find more information

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Both the Biological Sciences advisor and the biology advisor in the Cross-College Advising Service (CCAS) can answer your questions, provide you with some of the publications referenced in this booklet (also listed below), and help you locate other biology-related resources on campus.

Undergraduate Biology Advisor

Dr. Patricia Henrikson, the Biological Sciences advisor, assists students with their course selection and helps them explore the wide variety of biology majors, programs, options and opportunities available at UW-Madison. Henrikson answers students' questions and makes referrals to appropriate departmental faculty and advisors. Contact Henrikson at 262-6836 or phenriks@wisc.edu to make an appointment. Website: http://www.wisc.edu/cbe/advising

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Cross-College Advising Service (CCAS)

The biology advisor in the Cross-College Advising Service is knowledgeable about the programs and majors offered by the undergraduate schools and colleges on campus. CCAS is located in 10 Ingraham Hall and operates satellite offices in some residence halls. For more information, call 265-5460. Website: http://www.ccas.wisc.edu

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Biological Sciences Course Guide

The Biological Sciences Course Guide, accessible on-line via the My UW Madison web portal, provides detailed information about biology courses. The database, searchable by department, course number, key words, instructor and other criteria, includes course descriptions, syllabi, and information about class format, size, teaching style and specific content. Course descriptions are linked to the corresponding Timetable entries to help students select courses during registration. To use the Course Guide, sign on to My UW Madison (https://my.wisc.edu), go to the Academic tab, click on "Add/remove content" under the heading "Customize this page" and add the Biological Sciences Course Guide module. The Course Guide is intended to serve as an information resources to the students and staff. It is not a contract.

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Undergraduate Research in Biology Website

This web site puts students in touch with the multitude of research opportunities open to undergraduates. It shows what opportunities are out there, gives advice on how to decide which type is best for you and provides links to the information needed to get started. Website: http://www.wisc.edu/cbe/research/

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Useful Publications

Undergraduate Catalog

The Undergraduate Catalog contains complete information on degree requirements and courses offered. It also contains a complete description of the Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies Certificate Program, including program requirements and course descriptions. Copies are available from the appropriate academic dean's office, from advisors, or advising services for the school or college. (Addresses for deans' offices are provided in Section VI.) Website: http://www.wisc.edu/pubs/ug

Premedicine at Wisconsin

Premedicine at Wisconsin and other health professions information is available on the L & S web page at http://www.lssaa.wisc.edu/70bascom/academic_advising/premedadvising.html

School of Veterinary Medicine Applicant Information and Admission Requirements

The School of Veterinary Medicine Applicant Information and Admission Requirements contains information on the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine's four-year professional program. It includes information on college preparation, admissions requirements and required course work. It is available from the Office of Academic Affairs, School of Veterinary Medicine, 2015 Linden Drive West (608-263-2525). Website: http://www.vetmed.wisc.edu/home

Which Intro Biology Course?

Which Intro Biology Course? is an on-line guide to choosing an introductory biology course or course sequence for students planning majors in the biological sciences. Website:http://www.wisc.edu/cbe/wibc/

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Career Advising Resources

Adult Career and Educational Counseling Center (ACECC)

Adult Career and Educational Counseling Center (ACECC) provides individual educational and career counseling to prospective and returning adult students. It is located on the third floor of the Middleton Building, 1305 Linden Drive, (608-263-6960). Website: http://www.dcs.wisc.edu/info/

Career Collection

Career Collection at College Library provides print and computer resources for career and education planning and employment opportunities. It is located on the third floor of Helen C. White Hall.

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) Career Services Office

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) Career Services Office provides students with information about internships and career opportunities in agriculture, life sciences, natural resources, and other related areas. It is located in 116 Agricultural Hall, 1450 Linden Drive (262-3460). Website: http://www.cals.wisc.edu/students/cswebmn.html

College of Letters and Science Career Services

L&S Career Services provides students and alumni of the College of Letters and Science with career and internship information. It houses an extensive library of reference materials, job listings, internship opportunities, and employment and career information. It is located on the second floor of the Middleton Building, 1305 Linden Drive, (608-262-3921). Website: http://www.lssaa.wisc.edu/careers

Educational Placement and Career Services (EPCS)

Educational Placement and Career Services (EPCS)offers career services to persons receiving degrees from the School of Education and to persons receiving graduate degrees in other areas, who are seeking employment in education. It is located in B150 Education Building, 1000 Bascom Mall (262-1755). Website: http://careers.soemadison.wisc.edu

Engineering Career Services (ECS) Office

Engineering Career Services (ECS) Office provides students and alumni of the College of Engineering with internship/cooperative education opportunities, networking events, and career information and workshops. Every September, it sponsors Career Connection, a four-day career fair in Engineering Hall. For extensive company- and career-related resources, consult the ECS. The ECS office is located in M1002 Engineering Centers Building, 262-3471. Website: http://www.engr.wisc.edu/services/ecs

The Exploration Center

The Exploration Center at the Cross College Advising Service has a wide variety of information about careers, including books, videos, vocational biographies and career files. It also has computerized career guidance tools such as Discover, Career Visions, and Preference Inventory, plus other resources including the Self-directed Search Inventory, vocational skills card sorts and career exploration books. It is located in 6 Ingraham Hall (265-4497). Website: http://www.lssaa.wisc.edu/ccas/exploration-center.html

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